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FSL History and Traditions

The history of Fraternity and Sorority Life at UWF dates back to 1971. In almost 50 years, the FSL community has grown to include 20 chapters and 700+ active collegiate members.

UWF FSL History
1967 First Semester of classes at UWF
1971 First FSL chapter is created: Alpha Delta Pi Sorority
1973 First IFC chapter is created: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
1974 First NPHC chapter is created: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
2010 First MGC chapter is created: Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.
2020 21 chapters and 550+ members are currently a part of the UWF FSL community 

Did You Know?

  • The SAE house used to be where the Nine Mile Target is now.
  • The FSL benches were first located in a grassy area that is now the Nautilus Market.


Traditions are an important part of UWF's FSL community.

Dance Marathon

Each spring, members participate in Dance Marathon. Last year, the community raised more than $55,000 for Children’s Miracle Network.

FSL Benches

Around campus are several painted benches representing the fraternities and sororities that are part of the history of UWF. For some chapters, these benches serve as monuments to their organization’s history, values and traditions. Many feature meaningful symbols and are maintained with care and pride. In the spirit of community and respect, many students, faculty and staff members choose not to sit on fraternity or sorority benches unless they are a member of that organization.

Move-In Day

Fraternity and sorority members volunteer each year to help hundreds of new Argos move into their residence halls.

Homecoming Week

FSL is one of the most Argo-spirited groups on campus, and they show it in full force during Homecoming week.

Philanthropy Weeks

Fraternities and sororities host philanthropy weeks when they engage the community to raise money for a specific cause.


These can be traced back to African traditions of chanting and dancing. In the early 1900s, NPHC fraternities and sororities incorporated these traditions as a part of their culture. At UWF, you may see NPHC and MGC chapters showcase their steps and strolls at events.

Sheet banners

Fraternities and sororities use sheet banners to promote events throughout campus. There is even a room in the Commons just for painting these banners!