Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services provides information technology infrastructure such as networks, servers, and system security.

What We Support

Infrastructure Services is responsible for all servers and enterprise systems residing in the UWF data center, as well as the data residing in the remote data vaulting facility, and provides central storage capabilities, manages hosted servers and systems, and provides the platform for systems integration and security.

The director of Infrastructure Services and Chief Information Security Officer is Geissler Golding.

Geissler Golding is responsible for the direct supervision of the workgroup of engineers responsible for UWF's enterprise level "stay-in-business" computer systems and setting the strategy for future technical development in that area. The Infrastructure Services group enables UWF to maintain and enhance its competitive advantage in the delivery of IT services for education and administration. In addition, Geissler is the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) for UWF. As CISO, Geissler is the first point of contact for all IT security related queries from UWF administration and provides leadership of the UWF forensics team. Geissler is also responsible for creating and maintaining the IT-security plans which are designed to provide IT safety and security for the UWF community.