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ITS Workshops and Trainings

This page provides a listing and descriptions of workshops offered by ITS.

Tutorials, Workshop Descriptions, and Workshop Dates

Face-to-Face Workshops 

UWF employees can register for any of these workshops by visiting the UWF Professional Development Learning Library site. 

eClassroom Technology Overview

The eClassroom Overview provides a hands-on session in operating the classroom lectern and a general overview of Classroom Technology features. New ITS tools and services will also be presented. This workshop is for all faculty. 


Audience Response “Clickers” are used with PowerPoint presentations to engage and assess participants. The traditional handheld clicker, as well as the clicker app, will be demonstrated during this workshop. This workshop is for all faculty and staff.

Various Google Workspace apps

The ITS Help Desk offers training for a number Google Workspace apps:to 

  • Google Docs (similar to Microsoft Word)
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive (similar to Microsoft OneDrive)
  • Google Sheets (similar to Microsoft Excel)
  • Google Forms (similar to Survey Monkey or Qualtrics)
  • Google Slides (similar to Microsoft PowerPoint)

All of these Google Workspace apps come with all UWF Google accounts and can be accessed from within any popular browser, and on any device. Multiple people can access and edit the same  files at the same time. Users must have access to the internet to use this application.

* For training alternatives for Google Workspace apps, please visit Training materials and support documentation for Google Workspace apps.


Qualtrics is a survey tool that is open to UWF faculty, staff, and students and can be accessed through MyUWF. There is also an online Qualtrics video series at Qualtrics University. This workshop is for all faculty and staff.