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Division Awards of Distinction

The Division of University Advancement Employee Recognition Program encourages on-the-spot recognition for good work done in the division. Calls for peer-recognition go out semi-annually and up to six annual awards for University Advancement Awards of Distinction are given out annually with a monetary award.

Award Criteria

All Division of University Advancement employees are eligible for recognition: full-time, part-time, faculty, staff, student and OPS. Senior leadership elected not to be included. Previous year award recipients are not eligible for the monetary awards for one year. Length of employment, or lack thereof, is not a disqualifier for eligibility. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition. If an individual receives more than one attribute nomination, they will receive one certificate that lists each nominated attribute of distinction.

Attributes of Distinction


To begin or to follow through energetically with a plan or task; to resolve a difficulty or to improve a situation; to take a fresh approach to something.


Trustworthy, reliable, able to be trusted to do or provide what is needed.


To make or create new things (design, plan, strategy, process); new ideas. 


Respecting all people and cultures making them feel welcome at all times. 

Team Player

Puts aside personal goals and works well with others toward a common goal; willingly works in cooperation with others; fills in the gap with a positive attitude. 


Honest and fair; upright; of strong moral principles. 


Inspires and/or motivates others to be their best; promotes enthusiasm among co-workers; energizes co-workers or a work environment.

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2019 University Advancement Awards of Distinction

Pictured: Howard Reddy (VPUA), Winners--Cristy Hardy (WUWF), Summer Reilly (Advancement Services), Marisa Elmore (UWF Foundation), Claire Stewart (Advancement Communications & Special Projects), Katie Schutts (Alumni), Anna Wall (PMA)


2018 University Advancement Awards of Distinction Winners

Pictured: Margi Baker (Advancement Services), Wendi Davis (Historic Trust), Robert (Bob) Barrett (WUWF), Candice Lane (UWF Foundation) , Missy Grace (Alumni) , Howard Reddy (VPUA) and Geri Battist (Advancement Administrative Support).
DUA 2018 Award of Distinction Winners with Howard Reddy

2017 University Advancement Awards of Distinction

  • jan butts with howard reddy and dan lucas posting with her award
    Jan Butts

    Director, UWF Foundation

  • jennifer peck with howard reddy and megan gonzalez posing with her award
    Jennifer Peck

    Art Director, Institutional Communications

  • syvlia beck with howard reddy and rob overton posing with her award
    Sylvia Beck

    Housekeeper, Historic Trust

  • tori fish with howard reddy posing with her award
    Tori Fish

    Major Gift Officer, Development

  • trish allison with howard reddy and pat crawford posing with her award
    Trish Allison

    Member Services and Community Engagement Director, WUWF

Peer Recognition Nominees

2020 Spring University Advancement Peer Recognition Nominees

COVID-19: University Advancement Spring 2020 peer recognition nominee awards were ceased during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

2019 Fall University Advancement Peer Recognition Nominees

Alumni Relations:  Teresa Burgess, Kathleen Norwood, Katie Schutts, Emalee Bush

Development: Tori Bennett, Julianne Gaubron, Elizabeth Gray, Sierra Hansen, Jade McNeil, Kathleen Norwood, Robin Zimmern

Foundation: Jan Butts, Marisa Elmore, and Candice Lane

Historic Trust: Wendi Davis, Sheyna Marcey, Phillip Mayhair, Jim McMillen, Richard Rodriguez, Adrianne Walker

PMA: Caitlyn Cooney, Nick Croghan and Anna Wall

VP Office & Admin Support: Geri Battist, Stella Kpogli, Audrey Lehman, Lisa Mrahi, Claire Stewart and Jocelyn Wiseman

WUWF Public Radio: Trish Allison, Dave Dunwoody, Cristy Hardy, Margaret Marchuk, Korbin McCoy, Jennie McKeon and Mayra Quinones.


2019 Spring University Advancement Peer Recognition Nominees
DUA Spring 2019 Award Winners Posing with Certificates at Voices of Pensacola

Advancement Services: Margi Baker, Summer Reilly

Office of the Vice President: Jocelyn Borek, Claire Stewart, Audrey Lehman

Alumni Relations: Teresa Burgess, Kathleen Norwood, Katie Schutts, Emalee Bush

Development: Tori Bennett, Julianne Gaubron, Robin Zimmern, Elizabeth Grey

Foundation: Gina Sharp,  Jan Butts, Colleen Parsons

Historic Trust: Krystal Johnson, Jim McMillen, Brenda Turnage, Anna Wall, Sheyna Marcey

WUWF: Lynda Sizemore, Dale Riegle, John Macdonell, Cristy Hardy


2018 Fall University Advancement Peer Recognition Nominees

Advancement Services: Margi Baker, Eric Ellison, Greg Miller and Summer Reilly

Admin Support: Geri Battist and Jocelyn Borek

Alumni Relations: Teresa Burgess, Missy Grace, Kathleen Norwood, Danny Rubio, Katie Schutts and Nicki Simpson

Development: Tori Bennett, Julianne Gaubron, Sierra Hansen and Robin Zimmern

Foundation: Giovanni Volpara, Marisa Elmore and Candice Lane

Historic Trust: Sylvia Beck, Casey Campbell, Caitlyn Cooney, Jessie Cragg, Wendi Davis, Jennifer Eaton, Felicia Gail Edwards, Amy Eve, Krystal Johnson, Phillip Mayhair, Jim McMillen, Kenyan Murrell, Rick Sivley and Jacki Wilson

WUWF: Sandra Averhart, Robert Barrett, Theresa Clark, Jennifer McKeon and Joe Vincenza

2018 Spring University Advancement Peer Recognition Nominees:

Advancement Services:  Margi Baker, Eric Ellison, Greg Miller and Summer Reilly

Admin Support:  Geri Battist and Jocelyn Borek

Alumni Relations: Teresa Burgess, Missy Grace and Kathleen Mills

Development: Tori Bennett, Brett Berg, Sierra Hansen and Meredith Jones

Foundation: Candice Lane

Historic Trust: Wendi Davis, Amy Eve, Krystal Johnson, Sheyna Marcey, Phillip Mayfair, Ross Pristera, Adrianne Walker

2017 Fall University Advancement Peer Recognition Nominees

Advancement Services: Greg Miller

Admin Support: Jocelyn Borek, Deborah Tripp

Alumni Relations: Teresa Burgess, Missy Grace, Kristi Summerlin

Development: Tori Fish

Foundation: Jan Butts, Giovanni Volpara

Historic Trust: Lowell Bassett, Sylvia Beck, Casey Campbell, Sheyna Marcey, James McMillen, Richard Rodriguez, Adrianne Walker

WUWF: Trish Allison, Bob Barrett, Theresa Clark, Dave Dunwoody, Cristy Hardy