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Student Ambassadors

Since 1987, the Student Ambassador Program has been the premier leadership organization on campus.

The following students have been selected to serve as UWF Student Ambassadors for the 2022 - 2023 school year. They are the official student hosts for the University of West Florida. Their purpose is to promote and serve UWF. As student leaders, they devote a minimum of ten hours per month to special campus and/or community activities. The Student Ambassador Program is supported by the Division of University Advancement.

  • Mia Montenaro LEAD AMBASSADOR

    Major: International Studies

  • Abbie Hopper

    Major: Special Education

  • Anaijah Harris

    Major: Communications

  • Blake Bullock

    Major: Mechanical Engineering

  • Darien Gilbert

    Major: Economics

  • Diana Bernau

    Major: General Business

  • Ethan Middleton

    Major: Music

  • Gabby Ransom

    Major: Arts Administration & Musical Theatre

  • Hunter Thompson

    Major: Criminal Justice

  • John Perez

    Major: Nursing

  • Kayla McKillion

    Major: Nursing

  • Kerry Glazer

    Major: Information Technology

  • Lea Funchess

    Major: Political Science Pre-Law

  • Marie Zube

    Major: Human Resource Management

  • Nate Lyons

    Major: Biomedical Sciences

  • Nick Hoyt

    Major: Biology

  • Noah Smith

    Major: Biomedical Sciences

  • Sara Akerman

    Major: Communications

  • Wren Deputy

    Major: Communications