Counseling Internship

In the Department of Psychology the internship is an opportunity for the student to use both the knowledge and the interpersonal and research skills acquired during the master's program. The student has learned and demonstrated both knowledge and skill during previous classes, and now combines them in a work setting related to their field of study. The intern generally functions as a full or part-time staff member in a hospital, clinic or agency, and completes the 1000 hour requirement across three semesters.

Securing the Internship

Internship placement is facilitated during the Pre-Practicum class in the second year of the program. Prior to beginning the clinical placement the student should thoroughly review the Practicum and Internship Description, interview for desired internship positions, and complete the Practicum and Internship Application once a position is offered by the internship supervisor(s). 

Internship Guidelines and Requirements

The student begins the integrative paper requirement by meeting with the internship chairperson well before the start of the final internship semester to establish a written agreement on the due dates for various components of the paper. With this intensive training experience, and the completion of the integrative paper and oral defense (presentation to two faculty members) of the paper, the intern will fulfill the internship requirements.