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Earl Hutto Foundation


In 2018, the Earl Hutto Foundation made a $250,000 commitment to rename the UWF Master of Science in Nursing to the Earl and Nancy Hutto Master of Science in Nursing Program. The gift created a scholarship for students pursuing a graduate degree in nursing, as well as an operational endowment for undergraduate and graduate UWF School of Nursing students.

Additionally, the gift supports high impact learning practices in the UWF School of Nursing, including hands-on clinical fellowships, professional development opportunities, and research. It has also funded facility improvements and equipment to enhance the learning environment.

The Huttos were inspired by Earl's mother, Ellie, who did not have the resources to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse. Earl, a Navy veteran, served three terms in the Florida House of Representatives and eight terms in the U.S. Congress, where he was known for his commitment to traditional values and strong leadership on national security issues. "We felt like the time had come to give back," Nancy says. "We are very happy to play a part in the good work UWF is doing to prepare their students to serve our community."

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