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We all have questions about human behavior. We want to know why people think, feel, and act in certain ways. Our psychology program helps you learn the “whys” of human behavior, as well as the complexity of the mind, enabling you to use psychological science to help you achieve your goals and improve your world.

Why Study Psychology at UWF?

Scientifically study fascinating questions about human behavior in a variety of settings while developing skills for your own success. Psychology is a versatile major that prepares you for a wide range of career or graduate/professional school opportunities. You will have the potential to work with faculty in meaningful ways both in and out of the classroom. You will dive deeper into a topic that interests you during senior capstone experience.

Our program is designed to be both rigorous and flexible. The curriculum will challenge you as you customize your program based on your career goals and academic interests.

What You Will Learn

Students will learn about the nature of psychological science and its various subdisciplines such as developmental psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, biological psychology, and social and organizational psychology. Our courses are designed to strengthen important skills that are associated with post-college success such as your critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills.

Both our Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs allow you the flexibility to pursue a minor or even double major in another area of interest. The Bachelor of Science degree is intended for those interested in studying psychology at the post-graduate level or pursuing a research-related career. The Bachelor of Arts degree offers some more flexibility for those who are primarily interested in entering the workforce directly after college.

If you are interested in another major, you might choose to minor in psychology. As a universally relevant area of study, a minor in psychology complements nearly any degree as you learn how to apply psychological science to your personal and professional lives.

UWF programs offered at the Pensacola campus or UWF Emerald Coast may require online courses. Please discuss the program requirements and planning with your academic advisor.

Interested in our online program?

We also offer the Psychology, B.A. degree online.

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