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A career in criminal justice lets you use your skills for good in your community, whether through aiding crime victims, counseling criminals or overseeing the progress of parolees. A UWF Criminal Justice degree will prepare you with the knowledge you need for the career you want.

Why Study Criminal Justice at UWF?

Criminal justice professionals address some of the most essential needs of our society, working with diverse groups.

Our students enjoy small class sizes with highly qualified faculty. You'll find plentiful opportunities to conduct research, complete internships and participate in student organizations.

Each year the department provides need–based and merit scholarships. The criminal justice degree is offered face-to-face and online. For those of you not in the Pensacola area, we also offer the criminal justice degree program at the Emerald Coast location in Fort Walton Beach.

What You Will Learn

Our courses are taught by prominent scholars and acknowledged professionals who combine academic and practical perspectives. Our small class sizes encourages students to interact with faculty and engage in lively discussions.

You will study criminology, policing, the courts, corrections and the criminal justice system. You will learn to interpret and evaluate policies and practices of the system, form solutions by applying proper research techniques and use the appropriate criminological perspectives to explain major types of crime.

A variety of electives address specialized topics such as gangs, juvenile justice, cybercrime, drugs, forensic science and homeland security.

The criminal justice minor provides an overview of the criminal justice system, including corrections, policing and the courts.

Interested in our online program?

It's perfect for full- or part-time working adults who want to advance their career in criminal justice.

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