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Open the door to a biomedical career with a biomedical sciences degree from UWF. Our degree prepares you to succeed in post-graduate health professional school, graduate school, or the biotechnology industry.

Why Study Biomedical Sciences at UWF?

Our program prepares you for admission to post-graduate health professional school, graduate school or the biotechnology industry. Students majoring in the biological sciences make up close to half of all students admitted to medical schools.

The degree fulfills the prerequisites for most national health professional schools such as dental, medical, pharmacy, physician assistant and veterinary medicine.

We believe in professional development and one-on-one faculty mentorship. Our faculty are committed to providing opportunities for undergraduates to engage in scientific research. Many students present papers at professional meetings and are included in authorship on scientific publications.

What You Will Learn

You will learn the fundamental biology concepts involved in the biomedical sciences. You will delve into genetics, microbiology, cell biology, human anatomy, immunology, biochemistry and more.

You can get involved with our student organizations focusing on pre-health professional professions. These groups provide opportunities for health-related community service, support networking opportunities, sponsor talks by recruiters from professional schools, as well as create a foundation for mutual academic support.

Our student organizations include:

  • Alpha Epsilon Delta
  • American Medical Student Association
  • Pre-Pharmacy Society
  • Pre-Dental Society
  • Pre-Veterinary Society
  • Future Physical Therapists Organization
  • Medical Technology Student Association
  • Health Occupations Students of America

If graduate school is in your future, our accelerated bachelor’s to master’s program allows prospective students who meet the requirements to complete up to 12 credit hours of graduate coursework as an undergraduate student. For admission to the Accelerated Biomedical Sciences B.S. to Biology M.S. program, students must schedule a meeting with their undergraduate faculty advisor and graduate advisor to discuss and develop a degree plan.