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The BS in Interdisciplinary Sciences (ISC) is a multidisciplinary program that provides a strong foundation in one area of the sciences and flexibility to add content and skills from other Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering (HMCSE) STEM programs.

Why Study Interdisciplinary Sciences at UWF?

The academic goal of the BS in Interdisciplinary Sciences (ISC) is to afford you the opportunity to make connections between ideas and concepts across disciplinary boundaries and to be capable of defining and examining scientific problems from an interdisciplinary perspective. 

This multidisciplinary program offers considerable flexibility in STEM content with equally flexible modes of delivery. You can complete coursework face-to-face at the main Pensacola campus, at the Emerald Coast campus in Fort Walton Beach, or online. 

What You Will Learn

The BS in Interdisciplinary Sciences is built upon a foundation within the UWF HMCSE STEM disciplines (Biology, Earth & Environmental Sciences and Computer Science) and allows for additional coursework from Chemistry, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics.

The program content enables you to develop competencies across various STEM disciplines and apply previously earned credit in preparation for diverse STEM occupations and graduate school.


The Biology and Earth & Environmental Sciences track prepares students for agricultural, environmental, and medical orientated industries. Graduate school majors include Environmental Science or Geography. See required courses for the Biology and Earth & Environmental Sciences track.

The Environmental Science and Computer Science track prepares students for careers as GIS Analysts, Software Developer, or Geospatial Science graduate programs. See required courses for the Environmental Science and Computer Science track.

The Biology and Computer Science track prepares students for careers in Biotechnology, Genomics, and Pharmaceutical companies. Graduate school majors include Bioinformatics and Computation Biology. See required courses for the Biology and Computer Science track.