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Mathematics is a universal language that helps us understand and improve the world around us. Let UWF's mathematics degree prepare you for an exciting range of career options in this in-demand field.

Why Study Mathematics at UWF?

An education in mathematics leads to many career opportunities. Studying mathematics develops analytical skills and the ability to solve complex problems. These skills rank high on employers' lists of assets.

Delve into interdisciplinary subjects such as computer science, statistics, economics and the natural sciences. Our degree gives you flexibility in choosing electives, so you can shape your course of study to follow your interests.

What You Will Learn

Your studies begin with foundation courses in mathematics and statistics and then move to advanced classes such as linear algebra, advanced calculus and applied statistics.

You will have research opportunities with professors that take you above and beyond course materials. And most students present their research in local or national conferences.

The math club provides opportunities to attend conferences and math competitions and join colloquium with renowned researchers.

We offer co-ops with employers including Navy Federal Credit Union. Co-ops help you grow and develop in your career field and connect your work to the classroom.

Many of our graduates are offered spots in doctoral programs from leading universities, such as University of Florida, University of Washington, and Houston University.

A minor in Mathematics or Statistics will develop your understanding of the building blocks of science and build the skills to succeed in any career. A minor in Statistics will provide you with the tools to analyze data and teach you to understand and interpret valuable information.

UWF programs offered at the Pensacola campus or UWF Emerald Coast may require online courses. Please discuss the program requirements and planning with your academic advisor.