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Anthropology is the study of human cultures in the past and present. Anthropology is multidisciplinary, multicultural and historical. It prepares students to find successful private and public sector careers in a diverse and changing world. Within the department of anthropology, majors can choose to focus on Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology or Forensic Anthropology.

Why Study Anthropology at UWF?

UWF is home to a high-profile anthropology program that is well known locally, regionally and nationally.

Students in Anthropology will experience hands on research with faculty in Forensic Anthropology, Maritime and Terrestrial Archaeology, and Medical Anthropology. 

You will be immersed in faculty-directed research projects in the Pensacola area, including an active underwater archaeology focus with extensive hands-on opportunities for student learning.

Senior internships and cooperative programs with private firms and government agencies also provide on-the-job training and can lead to employment.

What You Will Learn

Anthropology provides a broad base of information about what makes humans unique: culture. Culture is the totality of what we learn, and it is the basis for how we define the world.

You will be exposed to and educated in many different cultures that have existed and continue to exist. The Anthropology program offers extensive opportunities for hands on research to prepare you for a professional career or graduate school.

As an anthropology major, you will have opportunities for professional development with UWF's Archaeology Institute, the Florida Public Archaeology Network and Marine Services Center.

You will have the opportunity to focus in the following anthropological sub-disciplines: archeology, biological anthropology or cultural anthropology.

Minors in Africana Studies, Anthropology, Latin American Studies and Sociology provide you with a multidisciplinary background in anthropological themes and topics.

UWF programs offered at the Pensacola campus or UWF Emerald Coast may require online courses. Please discuss the program requirements and planning with your academic advisor.