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The Trustees

The UWF Board of Trustees is the 13-member governing body for the institution. The Governor of Florida appoints six of the members, who serve five-year terms and the Board of Governors appoints five of the members who serve five-year terms. All of these must be approved by the Senate. The president of the Faculty Senate holds one of those places. The final member is the president of the Student Government Association.

Former Trustees

The University of West Florida is extremely grateful for the service and support of our Trustees.

Former UWF Trustees
Name Appointment
Dick Baker  
Lewis Bear Jr.  
Honor Bell Charter Member
Pam Bilbrey Charter Member
Travis Bowden Charter Member
Paul Bowers  
Greg Britton  
Angelia Byers SGA President
KC Clark Charter Member
Dave Cleveland  
Amanda Clonts SGA President
Adrianne Collins  
Jason Crawford SGA President
Dr. Pam Dana  
Carol Dover Charter Member
Dr. Lornetta Epps Charter Member
Nancy Fetterman  
Josh Finley SGA President
Dr. Ted Fox Faculty Senate President
Ethan Friedland SGA President
Ruben Gardner SGA President
Christina Genualdi SGA President
Marny Gilluly  
Jeanne Godwin  
Dr. Jay Gould Faculty Senate President
Randy Hanna  
Jake Hebert SGA President
Sharon Hess Herrick Charter Member
Christopher Hill SGA President
Gen. Chuck Horner, RET Charter Member
Dr. Richard Hough Faculty Senate President
Dr. Paul Hsu  
Dr. Susan James Faculty Senate President
April Jardine SGA President
Zenani D. Johnson SGA President
Robert Jones  
Catherine Kelly  
Suzanne Lewis  
Brandon Malone SGA President
Patrick Marshall SGA President
Dr. Scott Marzilli Faculty Senate President
Rev. LuTimothy May  
Daniel McBurney SGA President
Collier Merrill Charter Member
Cora Merritt  
Dr. Klaus Meyer-Arendt Faculty Senate President
JoAnn Morgan Charter Member
Jordan Negron SGA President
Susan O’Connor  
Mort O’Sullivan  
Jayprakash S. Patel  
Kishane Patel SGA President
Eddie Phillips Charter Member
Dr. Richie Platt Faculty Senate President
Dr. Chris Pomory Faculty Senate President
Dr. David Ramsey Faculty Senate President
Ariauna Range SGA President
Joe Rieland SGA President
Tim Roberts SGA President
Steven Russell SGA President
Dr. Sherry Schneider Faculty Senate President
Alonzie Scott  
Jill Singer  
Robert Sires  
Roy Smith Charter Member
Bentina Terry  
Garrett Walton  
Dr. Pat Wentz Faculty Senate President
Stephanie White  
J.T. Young