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Public Comment

A student at a podium addressing the Board of Trustees

Public Comment Procedures

  1. Members of the public must provide a written form to the BOT administration liaison prior to the beginning of the public comment period noted on the agenda.
  2. Individuals must address their comments to the BOT only.
  3. All speakers must state their name and address for the record.
  4. All speakers should be tasteful, truthful, and concise. 
  5. Individuals can waive comment in support, opposition, or neutrality when their name is called by the chair. 

Please note that individual speakers will be limited to three minutes and that the board is not required to respond to comments. Please review the BOT Public Comment Policy for more information.

BOT Public Comment Policy

This policy establishes a reasonable opportunity for the public to be heard on a proposition before the UWF Board of Trustees.

Public Comment Policy

Public Comment Sign-up Form

Please use our digital form to sign-up to comment publicly on an agenda item during a UWF Board of Trustees meeting. 

BOT Comment Form