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Agenda Submissions

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UWF Board of Trustees agenda items must be routed through a Trustee, the President, Provost, a Vice Presidents, General Counsel, or another Cabinet member. Agenda items will not be accepted or placed on the agenda if they are not submitted through one of these approved representatives.

Submission Instructions

Instructions for submitting agenda items for BOT full board meetings and committee meetings are listed below. Please read each section before submitting agenda items.

A call for submissions will be emailed to extended cabinet approximately six weeks before the upcoming BOT meeting. Agenda items must be submitted to the BOT JIRA ticket and must include the Agenda Memo and supporting documents. A placeholder can be used to reserve a place on the agenda by submitting the BOT JIRA ticket with the Agenda Memo. Supporting documents can be added to the JIRA ticket after the initial submission as long as they are added before the submission deadline.

All BOT agenda items are reviewed by the BOT Chair and/or Committee Chair, the President, General Counsel, and Cabinet before the meeting date. All agenda items and supporting documents must be submitted by the submission deadline in order to be included in the agenda review process. Items not submitted by the submission deadline will need the BOT Chair and the President's approval to be added to the agenda.

Each BOT agenda item must be submitted with the Agenda Memo. Please read the instructions below.

  • The Agenda Memo must be completed in Word and only the original Word file will be accepted. PDFs, Google Docs, and altered Word files will not be accepted.
  • Please follow the instructions in the BOT Agenda Memo Instructions document for completing the Agenda Memo.
  • All agenda items must be submitted using the NEW Agenda Memo template. Old templates will not be accepted for the BOT September 14, 2023 meeting and all following meetings.
  • The Agenda Memo must fully describe the item being presented.
  • The Recommending Action statement should fully state the motion the Chair will make to the board.
  • The Background Information, Implementation Plan, and Fiscal Implication sections should provide enough information for anyone reading it to understand the item being presented and what action needs to be taken.
  • The Relevant Authority section should list all relevant statutes, BOG regulations, and UWF regulations and policies that relate to the agenda item.
  • The Supporting Documents section should listed the order the documents should sorted in on the agenda.

BOT Agenda Memo Instructions

BOT Agenda Memo

All BOT agenda items must be submitted through JIRA. The BOT JIRA ticket is only accessible to the President's Cabinet members and their approved designee. A separate JIRA ticket must be submitted for each agenda item. The Agenda Memo and all supporting documents must be uploaded to the JIRA ticket.


All supporting documents must be submitted in JIRA. All supporting documents must be submitted ready to attach to the Agenda. PDF format preferred for supporting documents.

  • It is recommended that UWF templates are utilized for supporting documents
  • PowerPoints must be in a UWF PowerPoint template from the Brand Portal
    • PowerPoints can include up to 7 slides
    • PowerPoints cannot include slide transitions or movements

Due to board reporting requirements items cannot be placed at the board meeting table or given to the Trustees at the board meetings. All handouts, supporting documents, and meeting materials must be provided to the BOT Liaison in advance of the meeting to be included in the board meeting packet and to ensure it is properly noticed. Information cards, brochures, printouts, handouts, or any additional materials of any kind must be provide to the BOT Liaison no later than the Tuesday before the board meeting.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines
Meeting Dates & Deadlines

August 15, 2024
Committee Meetings
Zoom Webinar

7/8/24 - Call for Agenda Items
7/24/24 - Submission Deadline
7/25-8/7 - Agenda Review Period
8/8/24 - Final Agenda Posted

September 12, 2024
Full Board Meeting
UWF Conference Center

7/29/24 - Call for Agenda Items
8/21/24 - Submission Deadline
8/22-9/4 - Agenda Review Period
9/5/24 - Final Agenda Posted

November 14, 2024
Committee Meetings
Zoom Webinar

9/30/24 - Call for Agenda Items
10/23/24 - Submission Deadline
10/24-11/6 - Agenda Review Period
11/7/24 - Final Agenda Posted

December 5, 2024
Full Board Meeting
UWF Conference Center

10/21/24 - Call for Agenda Items
11/13/24 - Submission Deadline
11/14-11/27 - Agenda Review Period
11/28/24 - Final Agenda Posted

February 13, 2025
Committee & Special
Board Meetings
Zoom Webinar

1/6/25 - Call for Agenda Items
1/22/25 - Submission Deadline
1/23-2/5 - Agenda Review Period
2/6/25 - Final Agenda Posted

March 20, 2025
Full Board Meeting
UWF Emerald Coast Campus

2/3/25 - Call for Agenda Items
2/26/25 - Submission Deadline
2/27-3/12 - Agenda Review Period
3/13/25 - Final Agenda Posted

May 8, 2025
Committee Meetings
Zoom Webinar

3/24/25 - Call for Agenda Items
4/16/25 - Submission Deadline
4/17-4/30 - Agenda Review Period
5/1/25 - Final Agenda Posted

June 12, 2025
Full Board Meeting
UWF Conference Center

4/28/25 - Call for Agenda Items
5/21/25 - Submission Deadline
5/22-6/4 - Agenda Review Period
6/5/25 - Final Agenda Posted