Hurricane and Tropical Storm Preparedness

The Gulf Coast of Florida is a region known for experiencing tropical activity.

The UWF Office of Emergency Management works closely with the National Weather Service in Mobile, Alabama and the Escambia County Department of Public Safety to monitor and react appropriately in the event a tropical system approaches our area.

UWF is an official Storm Ready University and has plans in place to protect the University Community, minimize damage to UWF facilities and expedite recovery to bring the campus back to operational status as quickly as possible.

University Communications

In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm approaching Northwest Florida, University officials communicate with students via email,, UWF social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) and the UWF text messaging system.

Additional communication outlets include desktop/computer notifications and loud speakers/sirens and electronic displays on campus, when deemed necessary.

Weather information is available by tuning into WUWF at 88.1FM or online at Updates from the National Weather Service are available at and

Hurricane and Tropical Storm Terms

Tropical Storm Warning

Tropical storm force winds are forecasted in the Pensacola area by the National Hurricane Center within the next 24 hours along with possible heavy rains. The University will monitor the situation and heed advice from the local Emergency Management Operations Center.

Hurricane Watch

This means that a hurricane has been reported or is forecasted to form and is considered a possible danger to this area within 36 hours. The campus remains open and will continue to function normally until further notice.

Hurricane Warning

When the storm is in the gulf and there is an increased possibility of the storm making landfall at or near Pensacola within 24 hours.


Shelters for UWF Residential Students

When hurricane conditions are expected in the Pensacola area, the decision may be made to evacuate UWF residential students to the on-campus shelter. A decision regarding student evacuation to the shelter will be made as the storm progresses and communicated in a timely manner to residential students.

The official on-campus hurricane shelter for UWF residential students is located in the Science and Engineering Building (Bldg. 4). If sheltering beyond the storm becomes necessary (loss of power, damage to buildings, etc.), sheltered students will be moved from Bldg. 4 to the University Commons (Bldg. 22), pending the appropriate clearance of Bldg. 22.

In some circumstances it may be appropriate to shelter in place (e.g., instruct residents to remain in their buildings during a weather situation that does not pose a particular structural threat).

To learn more about residential student operations, visit this student preparedness webpage.

Public Shelters

All non-residential students seeking shelter should report to one of the designated County Shelters:

Due to space available, the University does not encourage employees and their families to use facilities as shelter space. However, the families of University employees who are required to work may stay on campus during the storm.

palm trees in windy conditions

Additional Resources

Faculty and Staff

Preparedness instructions for UWF Faculty and Staff.

Fac/Staff Procedures

On-Campus Residents

Preparedness instructions for On-Campus Residents.

On-Campus Resident Procedures