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Building Emergency Coordinators

The UWF Building Emergency Program was established to provide a point of contact in each department/college for safety and emergency preparedness information.

BEC Roles and Responsibilities

UWF main campus includes 100+ buildings located over 1600 acres. Diverse campus facilities include academic buildings, a health center, a day care, secure research labs, apartment-style housing, theaters, and a plethora of other types of structures. Every assigned or occupied space on the UWF main campus has a Building Emergency Coordinator.

  • Serve as a point of contact for safety and emergency preparedness information provided by UWF and other officials
  • In the event of an incident in their building, serve as a liaison with the UWF Office of Emergency Management, the UWF Police Department, and other officials
  • Ensure completion of closure procedures and checklists prior to a UWF closure
  • Provide damage information to UWF following a large-scale incident (e.g., a hurricane)
  • Act as an information conduit to building occupants for facilities related issues (e.g., scheduled utilities outages, building maintenance problems)
  • Read and follow BEC emails and other forms of communication

BEC Ground Rules

  • Do not put yourself or others in danger - don't be a hero
  • Follow all announcements from UWF and local officials
  • Only wear BEC vest when there is a need to identify yourself and perform BEC functions
  • Return to campus only when safe

Building Emergency Coordinator (BEC) Facilities Liaison Activities

In their role as facilities liaisons, Building Emergency Coordinators should

  • Serve as a building point of contact for the Facilities department
  • Provide accurate and current information to building occupants
  • Notify Facilities of building issues. Call 850.857.6000.