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Faculty and Staff Responsibilities

The National Weather Service (NWS) issues a tornado warning when a tornado is reported on the ground or is indicated on Doppler radar-- if the University is within the warning cone, as delineated by the NWS, the Argo Alert Emergency Notification System will be activated.


  1. Safety for students/ faculty/ staff is critically important;
  2. If class has not started, instructors should recognize that a Tornado Warning is viewed as an excused absence. Students and instructors should not be walking to class during a Tornado Warning;
  3. If class has already started, move the class to the appropriate shelter area within the building;
  4. If the class has begun an exam, the instructor should collect the exams, move the class to the appropriate designated shelter and announce (via email or in next class) when/ how the exam will be made-up;
  5. If a lab has begun, the instructor should make sure it is safe to leave the lab and move the students to an appropriate shelter area;
  6. The tornado warning will last until the National Weather Service indicates the tornado emergency has passed. Building occupants should remain in the shelter area until the appropriate University authorities have signaled an “all clear”.
  7. If severe weather and/or the warning last for several hours, the President will determine if classes should be cancelled.