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What we do is visual and practical. At the Center, we analyze and visualize geographic data information to help our partners and clients make informed decisions. Using graphs, images and maps and other tools, we create scenarios to help them solve problems.

GIS Services

Our research and services fall under 5 main areas: Planning support, Image and data processing, Web mapping, Map Design/Production, and Specialized Training Development. GIS services can be procured hourly for short projects and map design or longer staff time-buyouts for lengthy research projects. The fees collected allow us to devote time to sponsored research while improving our services.

  • Map design and production
  • Spatial Analysis / GeoStatistics
  • Address Matching / Geocoding
  • GPS Mapping and Data Collection
  • GIS Project Development and Management
  • Geo-Database Design
  • Web Mapping Development

The GeoData Center Lab

The GeoData Center maintains a state-of-the-art GeoSpatial laboratory on the UWF Pensacola campus. The multi-use facility is designed to accommodate class instruction, training courses, and research endeavors. This facility is located on the third floor of Building 13 (room 311). The laboratory is open for students to work on GIS coursework or geospatial-related projects during business hours when classes are not being held. See the Current Lab schedule for details regarding open lab hours. 

Students using GeoData Center facilities for faculty research or assisting with GIS courses may be granted an entrance code for after-hours access to lab facilities with a written request from their faculty advisor or supervisory professor. Here is a complete list of GIS Lab software titles available on each lab computer.

The Lab can also be rented by community partners to hold GIS-related training.

Large Format Printing

The GeoData Center is equipped with a new 44 inch roll-feed Epson large-format printer capable of producing professional quality color printed materials. This device is commonly used to print posters for conference presentations, large maps, and banners. We provide printing services at a discounted rate for UWF faculty, staff and students to cover material costs. The cost of a print job depends on the paper type selected and the square footage of printed area.

We require at least 48 hours turnaround time from the time we receive your poster file to complete your print order (excluding weekends). Because printing supplies can run out and staff may go out of town, it is also strongly encouraged that you notify us as far in advance as possible to when you will be submitting an item for printing, for more information please see our information and guidelines on printing.

Equipment Checkout

GeoData Center maintains equipment for and expertise in collecting spatially accurate, high-quality data in the field including GPS and surveying instruments. Careful planning and the right tools are essential to any field-based study.

Field Equipment

Software Resources

GeoData Center provides licenses and support for ESRI ArcGIS and other GeoSpatial software packages.


Data Resources

Finding the right data is key to a successful project. GeoData Center staff can help you find the most relevant and accurate data sources for your research or other GIS projects.

GIS Data