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International Studies

UWF offers a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. This interdisciplinary major is designed to foster understanding and analysis of world issues.

Program Description 

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major designed to foster understanding and analysis of world issues. Major coursework provides a broad introduction to the world emphasizing culture, history, politics, geography, and economics. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are developed through the curriculum of study, as contextual knowledge is gained and contemporary problems examined.

Upon graduation, International Studies majors may pursue opportunities in government, military, business, foundations, the media, humanitarian agencies and organizations with a presence abroad. Some of our graduates have chosen to devote a year or two of their lives, serving in foreign countries and drawing support by teaching English in Japan, Taiwan, Germany, and Spain.

International Studies students may choose from five different tracks of study: generalist, security and diplomacy, cultural affairs, international business and economics and area studies.

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Ty Faist, UWF Student

UWF International Studies Student Mentors in National Security Problem Solving Experience

Ty Faist is a UWF student majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Security and Diplomacy.  Ty has already taken part in an internship with the Federal Government and worked on projects with the U.S. Military. He says his time at UWF has been incredible, with hardly a dull moment to be found. 

In the Spring of 2019, Ty was invited to take part in the second iteration of UWF’s Hacking for Defense course (H4D). H4D takes teams of students and gives them the task of solving real-world problems for military units within the U.S. armed forces, as well as other government entities. At the end of the project, Ty and his team had the opportunity to see their solution tested in a realistic environment and have it meet with the approval of the project sponsors.

In May 2020, Ty became a team mentor for this year’s iteration of H4D while interning for the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), where he works as an Applied Science Research Assistant working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He is also currently preparing for another internship that will have him spending multiple months working for the U.S. State Department at an embassy overseas.  Ty says, “Both of these internships have only been made possible by the experience and skills I have gained here at UWF.”