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The Brand

The UWF brand is more than a logo or a tagline. Our brand is a reflection of everything we do and say, in person, online, in print and in broadcast. The brand functions as a lens through which every marketing message, community activity and personal interaction is filtered. The brand embodies UWF’s energy, spirit and character.

Why Consistent Branding Matters

Effective brand communications inspire awareness and leave a lasting impression.

Each member of the UWF community is responsible for creating the brand. Every time we contact potential donors, interact with prospective students and their parents, speak with alumni, communicate with the media, develop new collateral materials, approach community partners, or talk about UWF, we influence the perception of the institution and our community.

As brand ambassadors, we must present a unified front in the form of a cohesive and consistent brand message. While we each contribute a voice, we all need to sing in the same chorus. This portal is designed to help you do exactly that.

Download a printable poster of our Brand at a Glance.

Download our printable UWF Brand Crossword Puzzle and UWF Brand Word Search and Trivia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the University reintroducing the Nautilus Shell?

Since the University of West Florida’s founding, the Nautilus Shell has been the institution’s official emblem. We are reintroducing the nautilus as a reminder to keep striving and pushing for greatness. Its meaning has evolved into an icon that represents the history and soul of our rich and storied past and a future brimming with possibility and potential. It stands as a symbol of evolution and the power each of us has to impact the community and the world.

Who was involved in this initiative?

This initiative was undertaken by University leadership. A steering committee comprised of communicators and administration representing various areas of the institution participated in the process, and idgroup, a local branding firm, worked with Institutional Communications on the creative development of the graphic identity. The process included research, focus groups, information sessions and one-on-one meetings. After many months of collaboration, the evolving nautilus emerged as the new logo that will launch the University into the future.

What should we do with existing materials that have the old logo on them?

We are directing the University to continue good stewardship of resources by using existing materials before ordering materials with the new logo. All new materials developed must use the new logo. Items with the *previous* Nautilus Shell logo, which was retired in 2016, should be phased out by December 2018.

Where can I find a logo for my department?

Logo signatures are created for divisions, colleges, schools, departments, institutes, centers and select campus units and are available at the Brand Portal. The University’s official logo signature system supports the institutional identity while allowing individual unit recognition.

How do I request a logo signature for my department?

Please contact your Communication Liaison to request the creation of an official logo signature for your area. Please include the full official name of your area in your request.

Can I use my Logo Signature on my website?

All pages on use the institutional logo in the header and footer. Logo signatures or the institutional logo should not appear anywhere on your pages. Instead, use the title on home pages to identify your department.

How can I use the new logo in my email signature?

Institutional Communications recently developed an email signature generator that allows you to add the UWF brand to your email signature.