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Graphic Elements

UWF’s graphic elements amplify the institution’s unique visual identity and make it easily recognizable to any audience. Consistent use of these elements across University communication materials help tell an authentic brand story that is powerful, compelling and memorable.

evolving nautilus shell

The Nautilus

Since the University of West Florida’s founding, the Nautilus Shell has been the institution’s official emblem. It has re-emerged as a reminder to keep striving and pushing for greatness. Its meaning has evolved into an icon that represents the history and soul of our rich and storied past and a future brimming with possibility and potential. In addition to the foundational significance, the evolving Nautilus Shell draws inspiration from nature’s elements, sun and water, both of which have the simultaneous power to nurture growth and shape the environment. It is not bounded by boxes or shapes but floats freely. The evolving Nautilus Shell stands as a symbol of evolution and the power each of us has to make an impact on campus, in the community and around the world.

old shell logo

Previous Iteration

To appropriately honor the institution’s heritage, all previous iterations of the Nautilus Shell are protected. Usage is reserved and limited to the Presidential Seal and existing permanent signage/building architecture.