Evolving Nautilus Shell Standards and Downloads

The evolving Nautilus Shell can be used as a graphic treatment to help create our unique look and make our communications recognizable. Its use is standardized to ensure consistency and success in representing the University.

bookmark inset with shell pattern

The evolving Nautilus Shell should never be:

  • Recreated, modified or reinterpreted/recreated*
  • Used in any color combination other than those provided
  • Stretched, compressed or otherwise altered
  • Combined with logos, type or other art elements

*An exception may be made by Institutional Communications to reimagine the evolving Nautilus Shell for one-time use creative projects that are not intended to be used to brand the University or any unit. Examples are t-shirt artwork, sidewalk graphics or single-use materials that are intended to promote school spirit. They must be high-quality in execution and the concept, artwork and usage must be approved by OIC in advance. For exceptions, please contact brand@uwf.edu with the potential idea before designing.

At this time, Institutional Communications is the only office authorized to develop evolving Nautilus Shell graphic treatments and elements. These assets are available below.

For inquiries about using the evolving Nautilus Shell on permanent signage, environmental graphics or other long-term applications, please email brand@uwf.edu.

Download the evolving Nautilus Shell Graphic Treatments: Evolving Nautilus Shell Patterns (zip)

Examples of the pattern shell graphic element

All downloads must be used according to the standards as outlined above.