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Educator Appreciation and Outreach

An Argo Teaches Here Window Cling

Did you know? K-12 educators and administrators make up one of the largest groups in the UWF alumni family. If your school has a large population of UWF Alumni on staff, email today!

Teacher Recognition

Are you a teacher looking for some UWF swag to put in your classroom, or do you know of a teacher who is a UWF alumni? Look no further! Fill out our form and we will send you one of our brand new "An Argo Teaches Here" window clings (pictured above). Who knows? There may be some extra goodies coming your way as well!

Window Cling Request Form

Three people are standing in front of a table holding University of West Florida Alumni Association pennants.

Engaging with Local Educators

The UWF Alumni Association is currently looking for ways to connect with local alumni educators in Northwest Florida. If your school has a cohort of UWF alumni on staff, or if you have ideas on how we can better engage with alumni teachers and administrators, please email us at

In July 2022, the UWF Alumni Association was proud to sponsor the New Beginnings breakfast for all new teachers in the Escambia County Public Schools. Our staff also attended the breakfast to pass out swag and wish all of the new teachers luck on the new school year.