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UWF Sustaining Alumni

Building Argo Nation One Year at a Time.

The UWF Alumni Association is unveiling a new membership model which allows alumni members to support the vision of their alma mater and strengthen the impact of the UWF programs they care about.  UWF Sustaining Alumni are dedicated to UWF and believe in the future of our growing institution. By  becoming a member, you are ensuring our University will continue to serve Argos for generations to come.

What is the new model?
The new membership model recognizes all alumni as members, a status earned when you  earned your diploma. If you choose to invest even more in the future of UWF, you can make a gift to support a University fund you are passionate about. You will be considered a Sustaining Alumni and we’ll show our thanks by providing you an enhanced level of benefits (outlined below). Sustaining Alumni Membership is just $20 a year ($15 for graduates of the last five years) and comes with many perks:

Alumni Benefits Chart
Recreation Facility Privileges X  
Aquatic Center Privileges X  
Campus Parking Privileges* X  
All Issues of Connection Magazine,
Printed & Mailed
Alumni Conference Room Facility Access X  
Early communications about alumni events,
University events and UWF news.
GEICO Discount Rates X X
UWF Library Access X X
Career Planning Access X X
Alumni Group Travel Opportunities X X

Sustained Alumni privileges to the Recreation Center and Aquatics Center DO NOT replace memberships to these centers. A Sustaining Alumni membership gives alumni the ability to purchase center memberships. Designated membership level grants eligibility to take advantage of these benefits; participation sometimes includes an additional cost.

Some benefits are not eligible to UWF faculty & staff members.

Benefits are subject to change each year. 

*Alumni parking hang tags obtained prior to September 1, 2020 will remain valid.If you have any questions about alumni membership, email

Already a Sustaining Alumni Member?

You will be receiving a welcome packet in the mail in the coming weeks to introduce you to the Sustaining Alumni program and the benefits you receive as a Sustaining Alumni member. If you would like to access admission and membership to the HLS Facility or Aquatics Center, visit their webpage for more information.