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Alumni Grants

The Alumni Board of Directors stand as a group on the stairs of the new Lab Annex building.


The UWF Alumni Association Board of Directors established its Alumni Grant program in 1999 to benefit special projects and provide funds to student organizations and faculty for educational opportunities that fulfill the university's mission.


  • Applicant(s) must be an employee(s) of UWF or enrolled in UWF as a degree seeking student(s).
  • Applicants are only allowed one (1) award per fiscal year.


  • The review committee will not review incomplete applications
  • Applications will not be considered if activity has occurred prior to application submission.
  • When are applications due? Grant applications are due the last business day of the month. Failure to meet the deadline may result in an additional month for review by committee. It is recommended that groups apply 60 days prior to the date funds are needed.
  • When will the committee meet? The Grant Committee will meet the second week of each month to review all grant applications.
  • How can a group apply? Please complete the application as a group entry. All applicants must be listed and budget needs to be itemized. (Ex: Submit one application for 5 students attending a conference)
  • How will we be notified of the Committee’s decision? You will be notified by email by the 15th of the month with approved conditions and amount or denied applications.
  • When are funds disbursed? Plan on receiving funds within 2-3 weeks of notification.
  • Where or to whom are funds disbursed? Grant funding will not be provided directly to students, groups, or individuals. Please provide a Foundation fund code to internally transfer the grant award to your organization or department.  Please list the department or organization’s administrators name on the application.
  • Decisions are final. Denials will not receive further review.


  • Promotional items will not be considered for grant funding.
  • Study Abroad programs
  • Professional development conferences or workshops that only benefits the individual
  • Meals and food are prohibited
  • International conferences or international travel will be determined on a case by case basis


  • The budget request should be $5,000 or less. Most grants will be at the $150 to $1000 amount. Any requested items that are not allowed will be removed from the proposed budget, and the award will be reduced by that amount.


  • Once activity or event has been completed, requester must submit a summary report stating their goal and accomplishments. Activity report will be attached to the acceptance letter.


If you have any further questions, please contact Teresa Burgess at or 850.474.2423.

Alumni Board Grant Request