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Dr. Jocelyn Evans


Dr. Jocelyn Evans is the Director of the UWF Kugelman Honors Program. She has taught all first-year students in the Honors Program for a decade, engaging students in undergraduate research with faculty mentors from across the UWF campus. As a Professor of Political Science, she is a prolific writer with several books on Congress, including Women, Partisanship, and the Congress by Palgrave, Congressional Communication in the Digital Age by Routledge, One Nation under Siege: Congress, Terrorism, and the Fate of American Democracy by University Press of Kentucky. She also is the coauthor of a popular introductory textbook on American politics in its 13th edition entitled Central Ideas in American Government with Soomo Learning. Her current research focuses on the social meaning of civic spaces. With a coeditor, she assembled an interdisciplinary team of scholars for a journal special issue on Confederate memorials and public spaces of contested iconography published in Social Science Quarterly. With a coauthor, she published The U.S. Supreme Court’s Democratic Spaces through the University of Oklahoma Press in 2021. It explores the democratic meaning of judicial architecture with particular attention paid to the Supreme Court. And with a separate coauthor, she published Participatory Mapping of Territoriality Across Florida's Beaches through Springer in 2022. It sheds light on the political debate over public beach access from the lenses of legal and social geography. She is a native Floridian from the Panhandle but earned her doctorate from the University of Oklahoma.