Supervised Fieldwork

Supervised Fieldwork Hours are required to take the BCBA and BCaBA certification exams.

Prior to collecting hours:

  • Applicants must complete the BACB Experience Training module through the BACB gateway website before accumulating hours.
  • Applicants may not start accumulating experience until they have begun the coursework required to meet the BACB coursework requirements.
  • Make sure to read the BACB Experience Standards

Students are responsible for collecting and reporting according to BACB standards.  Supervision hours are not reported to UWF but are submitted to the BACB upon applying for the exam. 

The University of West Florida only offers the intensive practicum option for local students or through select approved internship sites; however, we do help facilitate internship sites where students can collect their hours whenever possible. For information on possible locations providing supervision in your area, please email

Internship opportunities are available for local students at the Sacred Heart Autism Center. Contact us at for more information.