May 2013

Scavenger Hunt

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This month, we are reviewing a quiz question from Chapter 17 of Cooper, Heron, and Heward (2007).

Which of the following illustrates an example of stimulus control?

  1. Joanne occasionally runs the stop sign near her house because there are rarely any cars at the intersection.
  2. Frank flaps his hands almost constantly all day long.
  3. Joe hits his teacher every time she asks him to wash his hands.
  4. Molly uses a Kleenex to wipe her nose when it is running and often when it is not running.

BACB Changes Exam Schedule

Starting in 2014, the BACB will now offer examination periods four times per year - February, May, August, and November.

Application deadlines have not yet been established, but this will significantly extend preparations for those wishing to test under the 3rd edition standards. For more information, please visit

Supervision Standards Changing

Following December 2014, all BCBAs that supervise either BCaBAs or students perusing certification will require specific qualifications:

Participation in an (8) hour course and complete the online assessments for each module

Pass an online, competency-based training module on BACB experience standards at

Maintain (3) hours of continuing education related to supervision during each certification cycle.

The University of West Florida will soon offer the first part of this requirement, an (8) hour online course on effective supervision. Tell your current supervisor to check in with us regarding the course available.

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