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Staff Senate


Staff Senate is the official representative body for the University of West Florida Staff. Let your voice be heard, be a leader, and/or volunteer. Visit us for staff happenings, events, resources, and information that impacts UWF Staff.

We Support Each Other

As a Staff employee, did you know you have benefits through Staff Senate? There is available funding for Emergencies and Textbook Scholarships. Do you know where the funding comes from? It comes from our colleagues, fellow staff members and this includes YOU! come on and support Staff at UWF.

Recently, we were able to award funds to our fellow staff members who were impacted from the April 30th flood. The Staff Senate Emergency Fund allowed us to assist our fellow employees with no repayment required. Looking towards the future, we want to ensure to replenish our funds to have the continued ability to help our fellow colleagues as quickly and impactfully as possible.

The Staff Senate also awards Textbook Scholarships each semester. These scholarships go to full-time UWF Staff Employees to help further their education by providing the means for purchasing textbooks. Since the spring 2014 semester, we have awarded 22 scholarships to help our Staff Scholars.

You can give, volunteer, participate and get involved! Contact your Staff Senator or Staff Senate at to learn how.

Giving to Staff at UWF

So how do we receive our funding? Through the generous financial support of people like you! As a UWF Staff Employee, we support our co-workers everyday and we can all do more. Consider helping fund fellow staff through payroll deduction to one or both of these funds? With your donation, you will help to keep roof over heads, keep the heat or air conditioning on, even help feed a colleagues family in their time of need. Or you can help support fellow staff as they pursue their dreams of earning their UWF degree.

It's Easy to Give