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Who We Are

Internal Auditing and Management Consulting (IAMC) at the University of West Florida (UWF) is a resource to help assure management that internal controls are functioning efficiently and effectively.


IAMC reports functionally to the Board of Trustees Audit & Compliance Committee and administratively to the President.

What We Do

IAMC schedules audits in several ways. Most audits are chosen based on an annual Risk Analysis which uses such factors as audit risk, executive management interest, public disclosure implications, etc. Specific audits may also be requested by the Board of Trustees (BOT) or University Management.  Accordingly, the scopes of our audits may include one or more of the following:

  • examination of financial transactions for accuracy and compliance with institutional policies;
  • evaluation of institutional policies and procedures for adequate internal controls;
  • determination of the level of compliance with required institutional policies and procedures, state and federal laws, and government regulations;
  • verification of assets and the controls that protect them;
  • operational reviews and cost-efficiency evaluations.