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Internal Auditing & Management Consulting

Achieving institutional excellence by facilitating continuous improvement in organizational activities and compliance oversight.

These pages have been prepared to familiarize members of the University of West Florida community, and others who may visit these pages with the function of the Internal Auditing and Management Consulting Department. We hope to dispel any concerns you may have about being audited, or even talking with auditors. Although it may be human nature to become uneasy at the thought of being audited, our staff strives to make the process helpful and unobtrusive.

The University of West Florida (UWF) Internal Auditing and Management Consulting Department (IAMC) is established within the Florida Board of Education, Division of Colleges and Universities and Board of Governors Regulation 4.002. The University of West Florida Associate Vice President for IAMC reports operationally to the University President and functionally to the University Board of Trustees (UBOT) Audit & Operations Committee.

ACUA Video: The Value of Internal Auditors

This video, produced by the Association of College and University Auditors (ACUA), describes the value of the university Internal Audit department. It also highlights the wealth of resources ACUA provides to university auditors.