Research Publications

Chemistry students are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research in collaboration with faculty members. The results of this work frequently appear in peer-reviewed publications and are presented at venues such as the American Chemical Society National meeting.

Current and past UWF Chemistry students at ABRCMS 2018


Huggins, M. T.; Molek, K. S.; Cavnar, P.; Godfrey, L. Using Scholars Programs To Enhance Success of Underrepresented Students in Chemistry, Biomedical Sciences, and STEM. Growing Diverse STEM Communities: Methodology, Impact, and Evidence ACS Symposium Series 2019, 139–150.


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Barnes, K.W.; and C.J. Fields-Wolf, General Chemistry I Laboratory, University of West Florida, Pensacola, 2018. All royalties from this Laboratory Manual have been used to establish a UWF Chemistry scholarship.

Barnes, K.W.; and C.J. Fields-Wolf, General Chemistry II Laboratory, University of West Florida, Pensacola, 2018. All royalties from this Laboratory Manual have been used to establish a UWF Chemistry scholarship.

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