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Research Publications

Chemistry students are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research in collaboration with faculty members. The results of this work frequently appear in peer-reviewed publications and are presented at venues such as the American Chemical Society National meeting.

Current and past UWF Chemistry students at ABRCMS 2018


Huggins, M. T.; Molek, K. S.; Cavnar, P.; Godfrey, L. Using Scholars Programs To Enhance Success of Underrepresented Students in Chemistry, Biomedical Sciences, and STEM. Growing Diverse STEM Communities: Methodology, Impact, and Evidence ACS Symposium Series 2019, 139–150.


Philips, A.; Cunningham, C.; Naran, K.; Kesharwani, T. Synthesis of 3-Halo-7-Azaindoles through a 5-Endo-Dig Electrophilic Cyclization Reaction. Synlett 201930 (10), 1246–1252.

Walter, C.; Fallows, N.; Kesharwani, T. Copper-Catalyzed Electrophilic Chlorocyclization Reaction Using Sodium Chloride as the Source of Electrophilic Chlorine. ACS Omega 20194 (4), 6538–6545.

Bokoskie, T.; Cunningham, C.; Kornman, C.; Kesharwani, T.; Pattabiraman, M. Iodocyclization in Aqueous Media and Supramolecular Reaction Control Using Water-Soluble Hosts. ACS Omega 20194 (18), 17830–17836.

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Farmer, W. M.; Skinner, S. F.; ter Haar, L. W. Heat Capacity of the Highly Frustrated Triangulated Kagome Lattice Cu9Cl2(Cpa)6. AIP Advances 20188 (10), 101404.

Hamilton, H. S. C.; Farmer, W. M.; Skinner, S. F.; ter Haar, L. W. Metal Organic Framework Cu9Cl2(Cpa)6 as Tunable Molecular Magnet. AIP Advances 20188 (5), 055802.

Kesharwani, T.; Kornman, C.; Tonnaer, A.; Hayes, A.; Kim, S.; Dahal, N.; Romero, R.; Royappa, A. Sodium Halides as the Source of Electrophilic Halogens in Green Synthesis of 3-Halo- and 3,n-Dihalobenzo[b]Thiophenes. Tetrahedron 201874, 2973–2984.

Olaitan, A. D.; Ward, S.; Barnes, L. F.; Yount, J. R.; Zanca, B. A.; Schwieg, J. I.; Mccoy, A. L.; Molek, K. S. Small- and Large-Sized Iron(II, III) Oxide Nanoparticles for Surface-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry of Small Biomolecules. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 201832 (21), 1887–1896.

Barnes, K.W.; and C.J. Fields-Wolf, General Chemistry I Laboratory, University of West Florida, Pensacola, 2018. All royalties from this Laboratory Manual have been used to establish a UWF Chemistry scholarship.

Barnes, K.W.; and C.J. Fields-Wolf, General Chemistry II Laboratory, University of West Florida, Pensacola, 2018. All royalties from this Laboratory Manual have been used to establish a UWF Chemistry scholarship.

Royappa, A. T.; Tran, C. M.; Papoular, R. J.; Khan, M.; Marbella, L. E.; Millstone, J. E.; Gembicky, M.; Chen, B.; Shepard, W.; Elkaim, E. Copper(I) and Gold(I) Thiolate Precursors to Bimetallic Nanoparticles. Polyhedron 2018155, 359–365.

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Kesharwani, T.; Giraudy, K. A.; Morgan, J. L.; Kornman, C.; Olaitan, A. D. Green Synthesis of Halogenated Thiophenes, Selenophenes and Benzo[b]Selenophenes Using Sodium Halides as a Source of Electrophilic Halogens. Tetrahedron Letters 201758 (7), 638–641.

Kabalka, G. W.; Moore, T. M.; Akula, M. R.; Collier, L.; Tamagnan, G.; Papin, C.; Alagille, D. Effect of Leaving Group Substituents on the Microfluidic Synthesis of [18F]3-Fluoro-5-[(Pyridin-3-Yl)Ethynyl]Benzonitrile ([18F]FPEB). Heterocycles 201795 (2), 807–815.

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Kesharwani, T.; Kornman, C. T.; Tonnaer, A. L.; Royappa, A. D. ChemInform Abstract: Green Synthesis of Benzo[b]Thiophenes via Iron(III) Mediated 5-Endo-Dig Iodocyclization of 2-Alkynylthioanisoles. ChemInform 201647 (19).

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