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Related UWF Policies and Regulations

University regulations and policies are reviewed regularly and revised as appropriate. Visit UWF's Legal and Consumer Info for the current versions of UWF regulations and policies unless noted otherwise.

Medical Immunity

The Medical Immunity Policy allows the Vice President of Enrollment Affairs or designee the sole discretion to give Medical Immunity to a student who has acted responsibly and rendered aid from appropriate University staff members or called for medical assistance. This means that the University may, in its sole discretion, choose to forego adjudication for violation(s) of conduct involving hazing, alcohol or drug use by the reporting student(s) that occurred at or immediately before the time of the incident, as long as the other conditions of the policy are met and if the Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs or designee is satisfied that the student(s) satisfied the conditions herein.

Full University Policy: SA-01.01-04/20 Medical Immunity

Parental/Guardian Notification Policy

Parents/ guardians may be contacted under circumstances such as: (a) alcohol violations, (b) drug violations, (c) emergency medical transports, and/or (d) protection of health and/or safety.

Religious Observances

The University will reasonably accommodate the religious observances, practices and beliefs of individual students in regard to admissions, class attendance, examinations and work assignments.

Weapons on University Property

In order to maintain a safe academic environment, the University prohibits the use, storage and possession of weapons on University property with limited exceptions.

Skateboards and Similar Devices

All person who participates in skateboarding on property owned or controlled by the University assumes known and unknown inherent risks in this activity, irrespective of age, and is legally responsible for all damages, injury, or death to himself, herself, other persons, or property which result from their participation in such activities.

Housing and Residence Life Standards of Community Living

UWF Housing Rules and Resources contains rules for living on campus, including:

Student Communications Policy

The University of West Florida uses email for official University communication with students. Therefore, each student will be instructed to activate and use a UWF email account ([name] UWF students are responsible for information communicated through this medium, including monitoring their email for communications from UWF.

Fundraising and Solicitation

Describes general conditions for student organization fundraising sales, promotions and related activities.

Grade Forgiveness and Repeat Courses

Grade Forgiveness is allowed three times within the undergraduate career. Grade Forgiveness is only for students in their first baccalaureate degree and is only for the same UWF course for which a previous grade has been earned. Grade Forgiveness does not extend to courses taught at another institution transferred for credit at UWF. The highest grade will be counted for credit. The Office of the Registrar automatically applies the Grade Forgiveness to all eligible course repeats at the end of each semester, including the summer semester, after all grades are posted. Grade Forgiveness will not be processed after a student graduates. As provided in UWF Regulation 3.030 (Academic Misconduct), Grade Forgiveness will not be applied to a course in which a student has been found responsible for a violation of the Academic Misconduct Code resulting in a sanction of "F" in the course.