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Accounts Payable


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CST), Monday – Friday

Christy Motley

  • Accounts Payable Supervisor
  • 850.474.3046   
  • Reclassifying P-Card Charges, Stipends, Commodity and Account Codes, Wire Transfers, Stop Payment Requests

Lisa Warren

  • Accounts Payable Accountant
  • 850.474.3143
  • Journal Entries, Employee Direct Pay Requests, Purchase Order Invoices and Payments, Vendor and Student Direct Pay Requests, Monthly Leases, Memberships

The Accounts Payable department serves a vital support function to the University of West Florida’s Controller's Office and is tasked with the payment of invoices to the University’s vendors, which includes, but is not limited to, payments for goods and services to the University, reimbursements to UWF staff and students, establish temporary change funds, payment of stipends, processing international wire transfers, and payments to other Florida state agencies. 

The goal of the Accounts Payable department is to provide prompt and accurate vendor payments in accordance with University and State of Florida rules and regulations that govern vendor payments. At the same time, we strive to provide prompt, accurate, professional and courteous customer service to all UWF staff, faculty, students, and University vendors.

What do I use a Direct Pay Request for and what is maximum dollar limit and where are these forms located?

The Direct Pay Request (DPR) is for one time purchases of allowable goods and services less than $1,000.00.  Please review the  Direct Pay Guidelines‌.

What is the Consulting and Professional Services (C&PS) Form used for and where is it located?

A Consulting and Professional Services (C&PS) Form or contract is required when contracting with a professional for consulting or personal services. If the individual providing the service is an employee of The University of West Florida (UWF), do not fill out this form; but instead process an Action Sheet and contact the Office of Human Resources (OHR). For complete information, refer to the C&PS Form Instructions (pdf).

Access the C&PS Form (pdf).

For individuals who are independent contractors/consultants and are not a UWF employee, and the cost is less than $1,000, fill out the C&PS Form in lieu of a Direct Pay Request Form. Submit the completed form to Accounts Payable in The Controller's Office for issuance of check. If the cost is $1,000 or more, submit a Banner Requisition; fill out the CP&S form; and, send as an attachment referencing the Banner Requisition number.

How do I get an individual or business added to Banner for payment purposes?

All vendors being issued a Purchase Order (PO) or being paid by Direct Pay must complete the online Vendor Registration process. The online registration includes the certification necessary to comply with Federal requirements. All PO or Direct Pay vendors must complete the online registration process to allow the processing of payment(s).

NOTE: If vendor does not have access to internet, they can provide their W-9 to Procurement and Contracts (by faxing to 850-474-2090) and a manual registration can be entered by Procurement.

The PCard and Student Vendor Registration is an internal online process used by UWF employees only. This process is to enter PCard and Student Vendors only. When entering a PCard Vendor the Vendor's nine-digit FEI (Tax ID Number) is NOT required.

For any questions that are not covered here or if you have additional questions and need help, please call Christy Motley in Accounts Payable at (850) 474-3046.

Where do I send invoices to being paid on Purchase Orders?

Please send all invoices to Accounts Payable with the following notation written on the invoice:

  • "OK to pay";
  • Date the invoice is being approved for payment; and,
  • Signature of person approving payment.

Accounts Payable has to have originals for their files. Please make sure that the department also makes and keeps a copy of the paperwork for their files.

When paying an individual on a Purchase Order (PO), what must I do in order to get them paid?

A Consulting and Professional Services (C&PS) Form is required when contracting with an  individual/professional for consulting or personal servicesThe C&PS Form should be filled out and the original sent to Accounts Payable. Email a copy of the C&PS Form to Procurement and Contracts ( and reference the Banner Requisition Number in the subject field. For complete information, refer to the C&PS Form Instructions.

I know a Purchase Order (PO) has been issued to the vendor, but I don’t see the payment in my Departmental Activity report when I look for it. Who do I contact to see why payment has not been made?

Please contact Lisa Warren in Accounts Payable to see if she has received an invoice from the vendor. Accounts Payable does not pay any invoice without the department’s written approval. It is also possible that the invoice was not sent directly to the Controller's Office.

What must I do when all merchandise has been received and services performed and paid for and there is a balance left on the purchase order?

After verifying with Accounts Payable that all payments have been made on the Purchase Order (PO):

  • email Procurement and Contracts and give them the Purchase Order Number;
  • request they close the Purchase Order to release the remaining funds back into the index they were encumbered in.  

If there is a dispute with a vendor concerning services rendered or merchandise received what must I do?

Contact Lisa Warren at 850.474.3143 or Christy Motley at 850.474.3046 and let them know the situation. If the vendor calls them requesting payment, they will know how to handle the situation.

If I want to return any items that are on the Purchase Order (PO), who do I contact?

There is a Return Merchandise to Vendor Form and Instructions available on Procurement's internal web site.

If the total amount of invoice is over 10% of the amount of the purchase order what must I do?

A Change Order for the new invoice amount will need to be submitted to Procurement & Contracts so they can increase the Purchase Order.  After you have done so, please notify Lisa Warren to let her know a Change Order has been submitted and send the ok to pay invoice to her.

For any questions that are not covered here or if you have additional questions and need help, please call Lisa Warren at 474-3143.