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Chemical contaminants in fish from the Pensacola Bay System and offshore Northern Gulf of Mexico.

This report contains data on contaminant loads found in fish tissues during the PERCH project (2002-2009; UWF)

It also addresses pre-sinking screening for PCBs for the ex-Oriskany Reef ( (link). The purpose of this document is to provide a information to people who eat fish so that they can make decisions that affect their exposure to toxic materials.

A final report can be downloaded: Chemical contaminants in fish (pdf)). 


Select Fish Name to see contaminant data for that species
amberjack Bass
blackfin bluefish
bonita croaker
dolphin flounder
Gag Grouper Red Grouper
groupers king mackerel
mingo (vermillion) snapper mullet
pompano red drum
redsnapper sheepshead
shrimp spanish mackerel
spotted seatrout grey trigger
wahoo white (sand) seatrout
yellowfin tuna

Miscellaneous species