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CEDB Faculty Member Involvement

(2020-2021) Serving as faculty mentor to three “OUR Explorers” (UWF Office of Undergraduate Research).

(2020) Participant, UWF focus group for EvaluateUR: A Method for Supporting Learning from Undergraduate Research

Member, Search Committee, Director of Florida Institute of Oceanography (2019-2020)

(2019-2020) Served as Lead PI for UWF ITEP, “Next Generation Biology Student Technology: Advancing Computational Skills for Biology through Courses and Independent Research Projects,” retrofitted original project plans to accommodate faculty and staff during rapid switch to remote instruction during Spring 2020 COVID-19. 

(2019-2020) Participant, Biology Department Undergraduate Student Engagement Committee

Florida Institute of Oceanography Advisory Executive Committee (2019-present)

(2019) Hosted prospective freshman (planned Biology major) and family, provided private tour of facilities and demonstrations of research lab equipment

High Impact Practice (HIP) Undergraduate Research Working Group (2019)

Intellectual Property Working Group (2019-present)

FYR Working Group for Principle 14.3 – Comprehensive Institutional Reviews (2019 – present)

Chair, Distinguished University Professor Selection Committee (2019)

(2019) UWF Explore! University recruiting event 

(2019) Interdisciplinary collaboration with UWF CASSH, Art Department in Summer 2019 course, ART3905: Special Topics in Ceramics 

(2019) Served as faculty member and facilitator for 2019 BIO-CoRE CURE workshop, as part of NSF project entitled “Marine Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) Targeting Transfer Students as a Means for Building a Science Learning Community” 

(2019) As part of UWF CUTLA-led University-wide Department Assessments, served as reviewer for the Assessment Report Review Project, for graduate-level (ALP) assessment reports 

(2019) Served as mentor for undergraduate students participating in multidisciplinary research for NSF-funded project entitled “GeoScholars at University of West Florida”

STEAM Art Installation Selection Committee (2018-19)

High Impact Practice (HIP) Undergraduate Research Working Group (2018-2019)

Chair, Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering Selection committee for Research Faculty (2017)

Lead PI on internal UWF Innovative Interdisciplinary Research Grant (2017)

Judge for Undergraduate and Graduate Student Symposium entitled “Annual Student Scholars Symposium and Faculty Research Showcase (2017)

(2017-2019) Reviewer, UWF Office of Undergraduate Research: OUR Project Awards 

(2017-2019) Served as faculty mentor to undergraduates in the UWF OUR Explorers program

Provost’s Committee for Development of Interdisciplinary Center (2016 – 2017)

Search Committee, Director of Florida Institute of Oceanography (2015- 2016)

Search Committee, Director of Sponsored Research, University of West Florida (2015)

Strategic Plan Committee, Florida Institute of Oceanography (2015)

Chair, Provost’s Task Force to Improve and Enhance Research at the University (2014-2015)

Scholarly Activities Task Force and Subcommittee on the organization and operation of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (2014-2015)

Selection Committees for Dean of College of Science, Engineering and Health and Biology Visiting Assistant Professor positions (2014)

Selection Committees for Marine Biology and post-doctoral positions (2014)

Office of Undergraduate Research - Research Advisory Committee – Reviewer and Review Panel member (2010-2015), Judging committee (2012-2015)

Faculty Sponsored Merit Scholarship Committee (2009 - 2014), Chair (2014-2015)

(2020) Invited Speaker at Feb. 2020 Escambia County, FL Science Hour. Title, Vibrio: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Indian Bayou Turbidity (2017)

(2017) Community outreach at Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day, STEAMing project

Advisor, City of Pensacola Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Task Force, (2016 – 2018)

Carpenter Creek and Bayou Texar Revitalization (2016)

Invited speaker for Escambia County Restore Non-Profit Workshop, Pensacola, FL (2015)

Participant in Seagrass Awareness Day, Gulf Breeze, FL (2015)

Guest speaker, Navarre Beach Marine Science Station, Santa Rosa County Schools (2014)

Mentor and supervisor of International Baccalaureate Senior Extended Essay projects (2013-2016)

Member Technical Advising Group to Escambia County RESTORE Act Committee (2013)

Instructor and facilitator, Biology Institute and Online Support: Collaborative Opportunities to Promote Excellence in Science (BIOSCOPES), a Next Generation Science Partnership of the Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (FCR-STEM) at Florida State University and Escambia County School Districts to improve science education for 6-12 teachers (2013)

Supervision and assistance for one high school science fair project; Regional Winner, Three additional merit and special recognition awards, State finalist (2013)

Supervision and assistance for two high school science fair projects (2011-13)

Classroom visits, email correspondence from Antarctica with Santa Rosa County Schools, Escambia County Schools, Vermont Public Schools, Trinity Episcopal School (Richmond, VA) (2019)

(2018) Jay High School STEAM night outreach event, STEAMing project

NSF-funded project, “Editing our Evolution,” leading conversations with religious, medical, and science/education leaders at the Pensacola MESS Hall (2018)

Judge for middle and high school students at science fair entitled “Northwest Florida Regional Science Fair (2017)

(2017-2018) Coordinating and implementing both middle-school and high-school Olympiad events (Ecology, Genetics, and Designer Genes), at the Northwest FL Regional Science Olympiad Competition 

(2017) Art exhibit of STEAMing materials, held at UWF TAG

Faculty and content provider, Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (FCR-STEM) Earth Science Institute workshop for 6-12 science teachers in the state of Florida (2014 - 2016)

Provided and interview to, and consultation with five female high school students (juniors) of Booker T. Washington High School

Served as Technical Advisor and assisted with a letter of interest for the Sunday’s Child local grant, as well as with reports for Bream Fisherman Association projects entitled “Project Oyster and Detective Oyster”

Served as Technical Advisor to Katharine Edwards for her Gulf Breeze HS Marine Science program, including providing materials and protocols for Winogradsky column learning activities and consulting on an environmental DNA project

Presented ecology concepts to 92 middle school students (7th and 8th grades). In the classroom, taught water quality, turbidity, seagrass health and integration of food webs, as part of “The Oceans” class

Member of Mississippi Based RESTORE Act Center of Excellence External Advisory Group. January 2021-June 2024

(2020-2021) Reviewer of manuscripts for: Molecular Ecology and Frontiers in Marine Science

(2020-2021) Faculty mentor to University of Delaware undergraduate STEM majors, as part of HIRE A HEN INTERNSHIP & JOB SHADOW PROGRAM

2020-present. Associate Editor, Frontiers in Microbiology – Aquatic Microbiology

2020. Member, Ship time awards, Florida Institute of Oceanography

(2020) Journal manuscript review: Molecular Ecology (1) 

(2020) Biology Faculty mentor, University “Anchor Down” Program for increased retention of first year students

Member of Board of Editors of Southeastern Naturalist. 2020

Member Biogeochemistry Working Group for the San Francisco Bay Estuary Institute. July 2019 - present

Ad hoc reviews: 2019 NSF Biological Oceanography program

2019. Member, Ship time awards, Florida Institute of Oceanography

Pensacola & Perdido Bay Estuary Program (2018-present)

(2018-2019) Reviewer of manuscripts for: ISME Journal, Deep Sea Research Journal, and Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

(2017) Reviewer: Peer reviews for NC Water Resources Research Institute proposals

Member, Ship time awards, Florida Institute of Oceanography (2016-2019)

Genome Canada, Natural Resources and the Environment, Large Scale Applied Research Project Competition (2016)

Panel Chair, Exobiology and Evolution Program. NASA (2014)

Illinois Clean Coal Institute: RFP peer review (2014)

Panel Chair, Exobiology and Evolution Program. NASA (2013)

Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) review panel of the National Science Foundation’s Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive (2013)

Cade Museum Creativity Lab, Volunteer/presence requested for Science camp (2013)

Chair, Florida Institute of Oceanography Advisory Committee (2011-2015)

President of the Bream Fishermen Association (2011-present)

Member National Water Quality Monitoring Council. 2004 – present

Associate Editor, Limnology and Oceanography (2004-2016)

Manuscript review of Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology

Manuscript review of Journal of Advances in Biology and Biotechnology

Frontiers in Microbial Physiology

Director of the Panhandle Watershed Alliance