Robyn Duncan Jones, a Supply Chain Logistics Management graduate, shares her UWF experience.

Tabitha Tyson, a Supply Chain Logistics Management graduate and prior SCLA president, shares her UWF experience.

DaCotah Ledbetter

“Some of the best and brightest logistics students are coming out of this program. If your company is also looking for hard working and dedicated individuals to make an impact on your company. UWF Graduates are the way to go.”


Lisa Needler

“Hearing Dr. Keller speak about the program shows his deep passion for the industry, and more importantly, the success and future of his students. Dr Keller has been so influential in my career, and I'm excited to see all growth in the supply chain programs at UWF.”


Brendan White

“Dr. LeMay’s observations and constructive criticisms, four years after my last class with him, still form the foundations of every presentation I give. The University of West Florida is very lucky to have him as part of the teaching staff at the College of Business...I am absolutely sure I would not have been chosen
to be on the 2016 Operation Stimulus Denver team if not for his instruction. I know there are a lot of my classmates that feel the same. He helped us all grow as speakers.”


Tabitha Miller

“I helped convince the daughter of one of my dear friends that Logistics was a good way to go…and told her how much I loved the program at UWF. I am so proud of her and what the program has become.”


Amanda Bolton

“One of my favorite things about the SCLM program is the genuine support students get from faculty.”