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The Center for Behavior Analysis at the University of West Florida is a leading resource for individuals interested in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) — featuring online undergraduate and graduate level degree offerings and continuing education courses.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts are increasingly in high demand. With many applications in clinical, educational and occupational settings, behavior analysts improve the lives of individuals across a variety of occupational fields in both the public and private sectors. Our online curriculum provides the complete path towards a successful career in ABA.

UWF ABA Programs


Behavior Technician Training

Our introductory Health Science Essentials of Behavior Analysis online course meets the curriculum requirements for both the RBT and ABAT exams. Students passing either exam are qualified to work in the field of behavioral health. This course also serves as the first in the online undergraduate ABA sequence for those working towards BCaBA or QASP-S certification.


Undergraduate ABA Online Course Sequence

Students can add our online course sequence to their undergraduate degree. This elective sequence can also be incorporated into the online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences offered by UWF or as a degree minor and meets the requirements for both BCaBA and QASP-S. This sequence may also be completed as a non-degree seeking student.


Graduate Online Course Sequence

Students who possess a master’s degree in a relevant field or are enrolled in a graduate program at a different institution may register for our online course sequence to meet the requirements for BCBA, IBA or QBA certification. Students who need a Masters degree may also enroll in the optional UWF online Masters in Exceptional Student Education program which includes all courses required to take the BCBA certification exam. An extra three credit course is required to meet IBA exam requirements and QBA exam requirements can be met by choosing the appropriate electives.


Professional Development

We offer online CEUs in partnership with the Cambridge Center for Behavior Studies™ at We also provide continuing education courses related to ABA through the UWF Division of Continuing Education.