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Justin M. Sturgeon


Dr. Justin M. Sturgeon is an authority on the visual culture of late-medieval Western Europe.

Assistant Professor of Art History at UWF, Sturgeon's research centers on illuminated medieval manuscripts and understanding the interaction between text, image, and material culture in order to address questions about chivalric identity and status. His dissertation and forthcoming monograph examine these issues within the context of René d’Anjou’s Livre des tournois (a 15th-century treatise that describes and visualizes the author’s idealized form of a late-medieval tournament).

Sturgeon is a contributor to a forthcoming volume of conference proceedings, and has served as a contributing writer and editor for the supplemental material of a university level art history text.

He is co-organizing a conference, “Redefining the Boundaries of Political Literature in Late-Medieval Europe,” to be held at the University of South Denmark in Odense in 2017.

Degrees & Institutions

Sturgeon earned both a Ph.D. and M.A. in Medieval Studies at the University of York, England. He has a B.A. in History from San Jose State University, with a minor in Art History.

Keywords: medieval art & visual culture, text & image in manuscripts, material culture, medieval studies, Rene d’Anjou, tournaments, chivalry, heraldry, identity & status