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Joseph Herring


Joseph Herring, associate professor, teaches graphic design.

Herring is a neo-situationist artist/designer whose work involves assemblage, collage, drawing, graphic design, environmental design, installation, sculpture, performance and video. Herring’s work is formatted serially, allowing projects to develop over several years and over several series of installations, publications, performances and videos.

In 2010, Joseph Herring, together with UWF art instructor, Amy Ruddick, formed House Pencil Green, a creative collective hybrid that is part design troupe and part performance art company. House Pencil Green’s mission includes paradigm-shifting, genre-bending, and mentoring young designers and artists in the process. It is currently in the production stage of an internet-television series for ACRE TV that will carry the same name: House Pencil Green.

Both Herring’s and House Pencil Green’s performances and videos have been a part of national and international exhibitions, festivals and events, including Art’s Birthday, High Desert Test Sites, Low Lives 4, and P3+. Since moving to Florida in 2008 to build the UWF Graphic Design undergraduate program, UWF students have been able to participate in all of these exhibitions.

From 1999 to 2006, Herring was part of the Los Angeles-based performance art group, the Proto-Pastry-Project, performing at infamous Los Angeles venues, such as LA Generator, Beyond Baroque and the Smell.

Degrees & Institutions

Herring received a bachelor of fine arts from Washington University in St. Louis, and a master of fine arts from Art Center College of Design. 

Scholarly and Creative Activities: