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Dale Castellucci


Dale Castellucci, adjunct instructor and sculpture lab supervisor, teaches painting, drawing, sculpture and design.

Castellucci is a classically trained artist whose large-scale figurative mixed media paintings, drawings and bronze sculptures are vehicles for exploring and mediating the world around her. Her practice utilizes various mediums – from paper to plaster to bronze –  to reflect on the different layers of human experience and the nature of subjectivity. 

In addition to painting and drawing, her processes include lost-wax bronze casting and mold making. She has worked in multiple foundries, as well as assisted in sculpture and foundry classes. In her studio art classes, she facilities a creative and transformative process with students by providing them the foundational skills they need to flourish as artists.

She recently exhibited a collection of her drawings and sculptures at The Art Gallery in 2015. 

Degrees & Institutions

She received a bachelor’s degree from UWF and a master’s degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, both in fine arts. 

Classes Taught:

Sculpture, Drawing, and Painting

Keywords: large-scale figurative mixed media paintings, figurative bronze sculptures, drawing, painting, bronze casting, mold making