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UWF Scholar Recognized for Contributions to Mass Communication History

October 22, 2018 | By Brandy Gottlieb |

Faculty member
Dr. Willie Tubbs, UWF Assistant Professor of Communication

The American Journalism Historians Association recently awarded Dr.Tubbs, UWF assistant professor of communication, honorable mention for the association’s Margaret A. Blanchard Dissertation Award. 

Since 1997, AJHA has awarded the Blanchard Prize to scholars who have focused their doctoral dissertations in mass communication history. 

During the AJHA’s Annual Convention, Oct. 4-6, Tubbs presented his dissertation “Forward Myth: Military Public Relations and the Domestic Base Newspaper 1941-1981.” His study focused on the messages to and about soldiers who appeared in domestic base newspapers from the time just before the nation entered World War II through the years preceding the nation's exit from the Vietnam War. In addition to describing the command structure of base newspapers, Tubbs also explored these papers' definition of "proper soldiering" as well as the papers' coverage of women and racial minorities. 

Tubbs' expertise in communications  is broad and has included interactive media, message design, journalism and media relations. He has focused his primary area of research on 20th Century American media history.

Tubbs expressed his gratitude for the recognition and his commitment to the field.


"I was taken back, in the most positive way imaginable, by this honor," Tubbs said. 



"I was taken back, in the most positive way imaginable, by this honor," Tubbs said. "The American Journalism Historians Association is, in my opinion, the best collection of experts you can find in the field of media history, so to have been recognized by these scholars was truly humbling. It is always nice to have people who you hold in such high regard tell you, in so many words, that your work is on par with that of the best emerging scholars. It's my goal to live up to this honor by continuing to produce scholarship that resonates with authorities in my field." 

AJHA has also named Tubbs also named Tubbs a newly elected board member. 

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