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UWF Honors Convocation Recognizes CASSH Students and Faculty

April 10, 2018 | By: Mary Stucko, contributions by Brandy Gottlieb |

Honors Convocation is an annual celebration recognizing outstanding faculty and students for their distinguished academic achievements.

On Friday, March 30, UWF held the annual Honors Convocation, which recognized exemplary students and faculty during the 2017-2018 academic year. The UWF Jazz Combo performed during the event, under the direction of Dr. Joseph Spaniola, director of Jazz Studies at UWF.

Congratulations to all CASSH students who were recognized for receiving an Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award!

Daniel H. Anderson, Political Science, B.A.; Jordan M. Anderson, English, B.A.; Hyeon S. Baek, Philosophy, B.A.; Benjamin I. Bailey, Music Theatre, B.F.A.; Elizabeth Blanco Saenz, Theatre, B.A.; Lisa Bradley, Anthropology, B.A.; Alexandra B. Brown, History, B.A.; Megan M. Brown, Music Education, B.M.E; Kianna P. Cutts, Communication, B.A.; Kyle L. Hayes, International Studies, B.A.; Sarah Huckaby, Art, B.A.; Anna C. Kellner, Maritime Studies, B.A.; Dylan J. Nadsady, Art, B.F.A; Ramel N. Price, Music, B.M.; and Summer Welch, Political Science Pre-Law, B.A.

The Kugelman Honors went to Hannah C. Mizell, dual major in interdisciplinary humanities and arts administration.

The Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award went to Christopher A. Thrasher, history graduate student, on “Surviving Spanish Conquest: Yucatec Maya Social and Cultural Persistence.”

“Everyone and everything is always changing.” - Christopher Thrasher, Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award recipient

Of his work, Thrasher said, “Everyone and everything is always changing. I thought it would be interesting to learn about the ways in which a people resisted change or changed carefully and gradually. This work felt important because the act of changing systemic practices and priorities kills old ways of life... (thus) the opportunity to learn about who they are and where they have been disappears.”

The Student Government Association presented the Distinguished Teaching Award to Jasara Norton, English instructor. According to the SGA committee, students said of Norton, “she is warm and friendly and motivates her students to find solace in the written word.”

Dale Castellucci, art instructor received the UWF Adjunct Faculty Excellence Award. Of Castellucci, students expressed that she “facilitates a creative and transformative process” and promotes “inherent individuality and subjective view” while adhering to the course requirements.

The UWF Distinguished Faculty Service Award was presented to Dr. Ramie Gougeon, associate professor of anthropology. Gougeon was recognized for his commitment to community engagement and exceptional quality of his service to others for the advancement of higher education.

Gougeon’s current project includes an investigation of the native groups who inhabited the Pensacola area before Spanish contact. He is working in collaboration with Dr. John Worth, associate professor of anthropology, to obtain a more detailed picture of what life was like before and after Spanish contact.

Congratulations to all award recipients and thank you for the academic excellence you continue to give!