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Archaeology student pursues studies while serving country

July 3, 2018 | By: Jordan Ardoin |

UWF Military Veteran's Resource Center
UWF Military Veteran's Resource Center

Malachi Berry has been interested in the field of archaeology since he was a child and his grandfather took him to see paleontological exhibits. Now, Berry is following that passion as an archaeology major at UWF. Between those childhood days with his grandfather and his start at UWF, Berry served for five years in the United States Marine Corps.

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Berry first joined the Marines in 2009 and remained active duty until 2014. During that time, he served in Afghanistan and as part of a marine expeditionary unit in southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Berry began his education at UWF in fall 2016. Currently, he is working in UWF’s maritime field school, where he completes target dives, searches for shipwrecks, and works on Pensacola’s Tristán de Luna shipwreck.

Berry says his experience as a student and veteran has been mostly positive so far. He cites the Military & Veterans Resource Center as a benefit of attending UWF.

UWF’s Military & Veterans Resource Center assists active duty, veteran and military family students with VA education benefits, disability accommodations, coordinating academic advising and more. The center also provides services such as counseling and tutoring and access to computers and printers.

Speaking on the Military & Veterans Resource Center, Berry says, “They’re always there to help.”

As for any current or former members of the military considering furthering their education at UWF, Berry believes the most important thing they can do is pursue their passions, as he did.

“Just do what interests you,” he says.

CASSH would like to thank all UWF students and faculty who have served in the military. For more information on UWF’s resources for military students, visit the MVRC website.