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Alumni: Where Are They Now? - Nicholas Miller, '09

March 8, 2019 | Hannah Gainer, CASSH Communicaitons Assistant |

University of West Florida alumni have taken many varied paths, and the importance of their shared experience cannot be underestimated. It is the personal stories that inspire us, make us reflect, and even change our lives, attitudes and directions.

In this interview, we caught up with Nicholas Miller, a UWF alum who shared thoughts on his experience at UWF and answered questions about his life after graduation.

Nicholas Miller graduated from the University of West Florida in the Fall semester of 2009. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, specializing in Telecommunication and Film, with a minor in Digital Art and Photography.

Miller was born in Miami, Florida, but moved to Longwood, Florida, as a young child. He has been an avid admirer of the film and music industry, as well as a collector of sports memorabilia and coins. Today, he also enjoys watching baseball, watching pro-wrestling, and following UWF sports and current events!

UWF is very proud of all of their graduates and their achievements. 

An Interview with Nicholas Miller, BA Communications, '09

CASSH: What is your current profession?

NM:  My current profession involves two positions for two separate companies. I work for the Orlando Magic NBA Team and for Andy Frain Services, Inc.

CASSH: What do those titles entail?

NM:  My job for the Orlando Magic Team is resolving any app issues and providing support to Orlando Magic patrons. I guide fans through features of the app and assist them with troubleshooting and accounting issues regarding purchases made through the app. I promote the Orlando Magic App and provide general guest assistance and guidance to all Orlando Magic and NBA fans at the Amway Center for numerous other issues as well. My job for Andy Frain Services, Inc. involves event management services for the sports, music and entertainment industries. I work with numerous sports teams, musicians, entertainers and other clients at the Amway Center, Camping World Stadium and other venues as well within the Central Florida area.

CASSH: Where did you work prior to getting the jobs you have now?

NM:  Before these two positions, I used to be a social media coordinator for a law firm within the Orlando area.

CASSH:  How did your experience at UWF impact your career?

 "My experience at UWF impacted my career by teaching me to be a hardworking and a disciplined individual, while always striving to be the best at what I do." - Nicholas Miller, BA Communication, '09

NM:  My experience at UWF impacted my career by teaching me to be a hardworking and a disciplined individual, while always striving to be the best at what I do.  It also helped me gain a vast knowledge of useful information and tools that were necessary for me within the workforce and throughout life as well. It also gave me a better understanding of the career fields that I was interested in and what to expect.

CASSH: Describe your most rewarding college experience.

NM:  My most rewarding college experience has to be the endless opportunities, resources, teachers, courses and friends that I had access to at UWF. I especially loved taking courses in film production, film history, television production, digital art and photography, and numerous others.  I loved how UWF has small class sizes so that I could better interact and get access to the professors. I also loved UWF's campus and all of the nature that it encompasses, as well as all of the sports teams and extracurricular activities that UWF has to offer.

CASSH: Do you have any advice for current students about what to expect after graduation?

NM:  My advice to current students about what to expect after graduation would be to be patient because the job market definitely has a lot of other job seekers also looking for employment.  Definitely be persistent and eager to succeed in your future endeavors. I definitely recommend taking advantage of UWF's Office of Career Development and Community Engagement  and getting insight from them as well.

For most students, college is a one-time thing. So, make it count. Get as much out of UWF as you can while there. Take as many courses as you can and join clubs and extracurricular activities, especially ones that pertain to your career. Speak to your professors, advisors, deans and fellow classmates as much as you can. That will allow you to pick their brain and get as much insight from them as possible.  All this will help you in furthering your career path and give you much insight and knowledge regarding your career goals. Also, definitely finish your degree, especially at UWF. It's an amazing institution of higher learning.