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A UWF graduate smiles while wearing cap and gown in the Lab Sciences Annex.

We offer scholarships and financial aid specifically for transfer students. Last year, we awarded $8.1 million in gift aid that students do not need to repay.

About Transfer Admissions Scholarships


To be considered for any award, transfer students should meet the Scholarship Priority Consideration Deadline for the semester of entry. Students are also strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA— regardless of income and any other tuition coverage — to be considered for a broader financial package. The vast majority of scholarships are awarded to students entering during the fall semester. However, some scholarships are available for spring-term entrants on a limited basis. Please note that the Office of Undergraduate Admissions can award students with only one merit-based admissions scholarship. Students who have already earned a bachelor's degree will not receive priority scholarship consideration.

Renewal Criteria

Some scholarships are renewable, and others are one-time awards. Generally, a 3.00 cumulative UWF GPA is required for renewal. If there is a higher minimum standard and/or credit hour requirement, it will be included in the award notification. Renewable UWF scholarships require continuous, full-time enrollment of 12+ hours, excluding summer, at UWF with good academic standing. Students must also complete 24 credit hours per academic year. Once lost due to academics, a scholarship will not be reinstated if GPA improves. All transfer admissions scholarships are applicable for four consecutive semesters (fall and spring only) or upon undergraduate degree completion, whichever comes first, so long as renewal requirements are maintained.

Automatic-Consideration Scholarship

When transfer students apply for admission, they are automatically considered for the Admissions Academic Merit Scholarship (also called Nautilus and Argonaut Awards) if their application is complete and all required documents, including official test scores (where applicable) and transcripts, are received by UWF and a completed FAFSA is received by the Scholarship Priority Consideration Deadline for the semester of entry. Students are encouraged to submit all materials before the deadline, as requests to transfer transcripts and scores to UWF may take several business days.

Admissions Academic Merit Scholarship

The following chart indicates potential scholarship amounts based on undergraduate cumulative GPA. Amounts indicate potential award for up to two years or completion of an undergraduate degree, whichever comes first, for students who maintain scholarship eligibility.

In addition, students must meet all minimum requirements for admission. Awards and requirements are subject to change annually. Eligibility is not a guarantee of an award. Students who are awarded a merit-based admissions scholarship will be notified after the priority scholarship deadline. For more information, talk to a transfer counselor.

Admissions Academic Merit Scholarships
3.75-4.00+ $4,000 ($2,000/yr)
3.50-3.74 $3,000 ($1,500/yr)
3.25-3.49 $2,000 ($1,000/yr)
Scholarship Priority Consideration Deadlines
Semester of EntryDeadline
Spring 2024 Nov. 1, 2023
Summer/Fall 2024 April 1, 2024

Other Scholarships

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Membership

This award totals up to $4,000 over two years or until graduation, whichever comes first. It cannot be combined with any other Admissions Academic Merit Scholarship and is offered only at the semester of entry. To be considered, PTK members must complete their admissions application, including all required documents; complete the FAFSA; and upload proof of PTK membership before the Scholarship Priority Consideration Deadlines for the semester of entry. 

PTK Scholarship

Military-Affiliated Scholarships and Waivers

UWF's Military and Veterans Resource Center awards several military-affiliated scholarships and provides information on other scholarships available to active duty, veterans and their dependents. Available waivers include the Purple Heart Waiver, which waives tuition and fees for Florida military veterans who received a Purple Heart or combat decoration that is “superior in precedence;" out-of-state waivers; and the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant.

Military and Veterans Resource Center

Foundation Scholarships (Summer/Fall Only) | Value: Amounts Vary

Through generous support from alumni, friends, corporations, foundations and others, UWF is able to offer various foundation scholarship opportunities to students who apply for summer/fall admission. After admission, students can apply for these scholarships through MyUWF under the UWF Scholarship Portal. Access to the portal is granted after course registration and Argonet account upgrade. Admissions Foundation Scholarships are only offered for students beginning in summer/fall, and the application deadline is June 1.

UWF Scholarship Portal