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Student Ombuds Office

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The role of the Student Ombuds Office (SOO) is to serve as a resource and designated neutral party for those who may have a University-related concern or grievance.

About the Student Ombuds Office

The Student Ombuds Office (SOO) serves as an alternate resource for all students to complement other existing channels of communication and conflict resolution. The role of the Ombudsperson is to serve as a resource and designated neutral party for those who may have a University-related concern or grievance. Such problems may be related to grades, a difference of opinion with instructors, interpretation of university policies, or other administrative issues. Students seeking guidance or assistance related to their University of West Florida (UWF) experience – both academic and nonacademic – should contact the Student Ombuds Office.

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Ombuds Roles and Responsibilities

  • Listen to your concern
  • Clarify university policy
  • Answer questions concerning appropriate channels
  • Assist with problems that have not been resolved by other offices
  • Informally look into your concern
  • Make referrals to individuals who can address your concern
  • Help define options that are available to you
  • Recommend changes to university policy, rules, or procedures that are outdated, unclear, or ineffective
  • Open avenues of communication; facilitate conversations
  • Offer a SAFE place to discuss your concerns

  • Advocate for an individual or group
  • Provide legal advice or representation
  • Assist with a non-university related concern
  • Tell someone what to do
  • Participate in any investigative procedures
  • Engage in matters that are undergoing a formal process
  • Accept formal complaints or serve as an office of notice
  • Mandate policies, procedures or make binding decisions

Meet the Student Ombuds Office staff

Meet the Student Ombuds Office staff

Student Ombuds Office staff

Frequently Asked Questions

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