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Yen-Shan Lien


Yen-Shan is also on a mission to introduce Taiwan to a broader audience and promote the Huayu Best scholarship program, which provides UWF students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan.
With a passion for intercultural competency, Yen-Shan strives to enhance her students' learning experiences by organizing various events, including culturally enriching movie nights and enjoyable language exchange activities. In her role as a cultural ambassador, she often finds herself stepping out of her comfort zone to acquire and practice skills that aren't necessarily her strong suit—think crafting and cooking. Fortunately, no students have been harmed in her kitchen experiments, so far!
Traveling and living in different parts of the world have brought boundless fun and unforgettable experiences to her life, all of which began with the pursuit of learning a foreign language. Yen-Shan firmly believes that anyone can conquer a new language, and she is always happy to help others give it a try!